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Fender Tales

Ma and Pa Fender had a farm outside Naperville, Illinois, and a whole passel of strong children to help work it. The tale is told of one occasion when Frank and Josie were sent outside to do chores on opposite sides of the yard, but ended up creating a rather innovative ball game instead...

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Ancestor Spotlight: Mary Gardiner

Our first inkling that our ancestress Mary was a woman with stories to tell, was the moment we were puzzling over the fuzzy image of her daughter's entry in the marriage register, and the words "reputed father" finally came into focus...

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Almina “Alma” Swenson and Della Freestate Photos

Fourteen months ago, we believed that our foremother, Almina Swenson, died at the age of 20, shortly after getting married and giving birth to her only child, Charles. Thirteen months ago, we learned that she had lived a long and colorful life, with more surnames, husbands, children, and siblings than we had ever before imagined! And just 20 days ago, out of the blue, we received a most thrilling and unexpected additional insight regarding this ancestress of surprises: we discovered what she looked like.

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Ancestor Spotlight: Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith lived a life which is remarkable in its highlights of boldness and adventure, as well as striking in its sorrows. At just 18 years of age, she was newly married and expecting her first child when she boarded the good ship Duke of Wellington, and embarked upon the arduous sea voyage from her native Edinburgh, Scotland to the distant shores of Madras, India...

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Ancestor Spotlight: Harold Edgar Rosberg

Harold's older sister, Flora Ann Rosberg, told many tales of the exploits and childhood adventures of the Rosberg children as they were growing up in Chicago in the 1920s. In those days, children were expected to look after themselves and play outside for hours and hours. They had many carefree adventures and creative fun, and also many frightening incidents and close shaves. One tale in particular involved Harold...

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Ancestor Spotlight: Abner Gates “Jim” Hathaway

Grandpa's original handle - the one his parents gave him - was the name Abner Gates Hathaway, a name steeped in significance and heavy with history. As Grandpa told it, being honored with such a distinguished name came at some cost socially, and the mantle didn't always rest easily upon his youthful shoulders...

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Rosberg Mystery Pics #1: Rosberg Family Tree

The fabulous collection of family photos that Flora Rosberg passed down to her descendants is a treasure trove. However, there are a few unidentified photos in her collection that continue to stymie even the most well-versed in family lore. We kick things off with a brief refresher course on the Rosberg family tree...